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Powerful Lights Create Great Holiday Pictures

Do you want to create great holiday pictures?

With the change of the calendar to December marks the beginning of a fun and busy social season. Everyone likes to create great Holiday pictures, but how can we make our photos of family and friends even more attractive? We’ve often heard it said that photography is defined as “Painting With Light”, so every great picture starts with using beautiful light. Here at Omnilargess Rental department we have an excellent collection of high end  pro studio lighting gear for you. Come visit us and take a look at the awesome lighting and light modifiers that we have.

Does a pro light (Strobe) make a big difference in image quality?

It sure does! The main reason is due to the power, size and density of the strobe. When you use a speed light (flash), your light source is tiny which can cause harsh shadows and strong highlights. When you use a pro light system, your light source is larger, therefore highlights and shadows blend more naturally. Here is an example of a proper use of a pro strobe paired with a large umbrella. Thanks go to Cheryl Wiens from Sweet Life Portraits for this image using our pro light to capture a candid moment between a mother and daughter.

Create great Holiday pictures
Using a pro strobe, Cheryl captured this priceless moment

Now that you see the difference, why not give these lights a try? 

Our rental fee is very affordable, with this added incentive: when you rent our lighting gear for a weekend (Friday afternoon to Monday morning), you pay only one day rental fee! This three days for the price of one makes taking great holiday pictures an exciting and practical option. Drop by or give us a call to discuss the possibilities!

Omnilargess Team


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