Quick Portrait Retouching Techniques in Photoshop and Elements

Do you take pretty good photos already, but want to make them great? Looking for that quick way to make your portraits stand out? There are many many tools available to you when editing images in Photoshop or Elements, so many that one can go way overboard or not even know where to begin. Come join me for a class designed to cut to the chase and get the job done. Learn how to quickly identify areas that need adjustment, and then zero in on the tools necessary to make the adjustments as efficiently as possible. Give your image that extra pop and a clean, sharp feel in Quick Portrait Retouching Techniques.

In this class, we will learn how to find the flaws in your image. We will then go through the 6 areas that you are most likely to want to adjust in each portrait image you edit. For beginners, this class will give you a great starting point. For intermediate Photoshop users, it may simply smooth out your work flow and speed up your editing time.

Bring along some of your own portraits to work with and we will have a hands-on editing time tailored to your type of images and your unique challenges! This 3 hours will be well worth it! This class comes on Saturday, November 2nd, just in time for all your Christmas photos, and just after the Model Photography Workshop; so, some of you will have fresh, amazing images to work with!

A nicely framed and exposed photo can look okay...
A nicely framed and exposed photo can look okay…
But a few touch-ups can make a world of difference!
But a few touch-ups can make a world of difference!

Looking forward to all the fun we will have! And I really do LOVE this stuff! Please register quickly so that you can be sure to save your spot!

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