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Shooting for Success

Shooting for Success!

There are many factors that contribute to our success as photographers. One major factor is that we are artists at heart. Many of us love to produce art, or simply – great photographs, so we learn all there is to know about the workings of our cameras, and then we set out to do what we love! Only, it doesn’t end there. Soon enough come the realities of dealing with other people, and dealing with business, marketing, and money. For many photographers, somewhere in the mix there, the walls come crashing down and we find ourselves either burning out, or hating our jobs. We set out to do something we love, but lose that love somewhere along the way, when taking photographs becomes work we have to do, rather than creating art like we want to do. Sometimes, we feel like there is no money to be made in this business. Everyone is a photographer these days. How do we stand out from the crowd and how do we charge enough to make it worth the many hours we may invest in our passion.

Join us for Shooting for Success (a 6 week set of workshops) designed to help you learn balance, boundaries, and business.

Anita Chapman from Perfect Moments Photography has a wealth of knowledge to share from her experiences as a successful wedding photographer, including the steps it took for her to build and change her business while being a mother to two boys. Tamara Okoti  (Beyond Exposure) ,who went through a photographer’s burnout, will share important lessons learned in the art vs. business world, and will help photographers learn how to better manage their sanity while building a business they love. Lastly, Nicole Christen, an expert in digital media strategy at Nicole Christen Media, will share valuable insights to help photographers effectively manage this facet of business. This might sound easy, but are our online efforts actually engaging clients and drawing more potential clients our way? Find out what’s working for you and what is not in Shooting for Success!

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