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New member of our workshop team!

As we have promised, there are many new changes coming to Omnilargess this year. We are moving quickly forward with these changes, and as such, we are pleased to welcome Shawn Hamilton, of HighMark Adventure, to our team. He will be our Sport Photography instructor, and will be available for some of our private lessons as well.

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Shawn Hamilton is a passionate and talented sport photographer/videographer who got his start over 12 years ago filming and editing his own snowmobile movies as well as filming for other productions. He has progressed over the years to specialize in Sports Photography, taking his passion to motocross tracks, extreme back country snowmobiling in the mountains of BC, Roller Derby and just about any other Sport the Lower Mainland offers. He has a hands on approach to learning his craft and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years with new students. If you want to know how to improve your sports photography then Shawn is the man that can help you.

Look for Shawn in upcoming announcements and be sure to check out the classes and workshops that we have already posted, so that you don’t miss out on the one you need!

Omnilargess Workshop Team

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