Sport Photography Workshop

Sport Photography Workshop is coming soon

We are pleased to announce a new workshop for intermediate to advanced photographers. The barns new Sport Photography Workshop will be scheduled shortly. Shawn will be our guest speaker in this workshop and he is going to share his valuable experience in Sport Photography and action shots with us.

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Q. Why sport photography is different?

A. In sport photography you are dealing with fast speed actions. So you must be ready as well as your camera. One may think that setting the camera for faster shutter speed can make the shot, but it is not the only fact. There are several other parameters that one should consider.

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Q. What other settings are important in Sport photography?

A. One of the most important one is your Auto Focus system. In sport Photography Workshop you will learn about different Auto Focus mods (such as AI, AI Servos or Continuos, Continuos tracking and 3D tracking). Metering Mode is another major  setting that you need to set it right.

All photos courtesy of  HighMark Adventure
All photos courtesy of HighMark Adventure

And there are lots of tips for you in this workshop, Stay tuned for more information.

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Ted and Omnilargess Team



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