Student Highlights

We, here at Omnilargess, are confident that you students are improving on both your photography as well as your photo editing skills. We have decided that what we are missing is

Hearing from YOU!

So, in order to remedy this problem, we would love to highlight a different student once or twice a month. We’ll ask you questions about how you use your photography or how your photo editing helps you, what bits of information from the workshops has assisted you most, and then we’ll ask you to send us two of your best images to display with our highlight. Feel free to watermark them as we will be giving all the credit to YOU!

We are so excited about this, and if you are all as excited as we are, then maybe these student highlights will become a more regular occurrence around here! It will be great to hear from you for a change, since we make you listen to all of us, day in and day out! If you would like to be featured in our Student Highlights, or if you have some work that you are really proud of and want to show, just send us a quick email or comment on our Facebook Page, and we’ll get in touch. So, just keep your eye out for the Student Highlight badge, and the sky’s the limit.



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