Tips for Summer Photography

9 Tips for Summer Photography

Try to see how these simple tips can change your photography!

Summer is always full of fun and all of us want to capture these memories for long winter nights! We are all busy taking photos and then summer is the busy photography season, so we thought that some short and quick tips would be very useful.
1. Did you know that when you have to shoot with a faster ISO (800 and up), to reduce the amount of noise simply over expose your images by 1/3 to ½ stop?

2. Did you know that almost all TTL flashes work better in Centre weight metering? Join us for Nikon CLS Flash photography class to learn more.

3. Did you know that more saturation is needed for higher ISO settings (800 or above)?

4. Did you know that the best way to store the flash for long periods of time is to turn the flash on and when the ready light is on, turn the flash off without discharging it and then remove the batteries? In Indoor Flash Photography Techniques I will cover more Flash photography Techniques and maintenance tips.

5. Did you know that you get the best results from ISO 100-400 when shooting with flash in Raw format (in most cameras)?

6. Did you know that the best format for capturing the most details in ambient light is Raw? We are going to have another series of Lightroom classes. Stay tuned.

7. Did you know that you can increase the Dynamic Range of your camera by shooting in slower ISO? Sign up for Outdoor Photography Workshop to learn about the Zone system and how to set the Exposure correctly for your subject.

8. Did you know that Polarizing filter can remove the reflection so you can capture more color?

9.Did you know that Custom White Balance is very easy to use and creates better color and detail? In Outdoor Photography Workshop you will learn how, why, and when to use Custom White Balance.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Ted and Omnilargess Workshop Team

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