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Upcoming Omnilargess Beginner Photography Bootcamp

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The Beginner Photography Bootcamp is a structured program designed to provide individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience at the onset of their photography journey. The three-part classroom sessions, each followed by a field trip, aim to teach the foundational principles of photography, from basic camera settings to more advanced techniques, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of essential skills.

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Session 1 (3 hours)

1. Introduction to Basic Digital Camera Settings and Menus:

  • Understanding different camera modes (Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual).
  • Explaining menu settings and their functions.

2. Introduction to Exposure:

  • Overview of exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO).
  • Understanding Auto and Semi-Auto exposure modes.

3. Basic Composition Rules:

  • Explaining the Rule of Thirds and how it impacts composition.
  • Exploring the concept of Simplicity in composition.

Field Trip:

  • Visit a nearby park or location to practice camera settings, exposure modes, and composition rules under the instructor’s guidance. Students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during the session.

Session 2 (3 hours)

1. Shutter and Aperture Functionality:

  • Detailed explanation of shutter speed and its impact on photography.
  • Understanding aperture and its effects on depth of field.

2. Real-Life Examples and Application:

  • Using real-life scenarios and examples to demonstrate the effects of different shutter speeds and apertures.

3. Additional Composition Rules:

  • Exploring Framing and Balance in Photography.

Field Trip:

  • Another field trip to a different location to practice shutter and aperture settings. Students will focus on capturing images demonstrating the concepts learned, including composition framing and balance.

Session 3 (3 hours)

1. Benefits of Manual Exposure:

  • Advantages of using manual mode for greater control over exposure.
  • Detailed guidance on setting correct exposures manually.

2. Advanced Techniques:

  • Understanding slow shutter speed and fast shutter speed photography.
  • Exploring depth of field using different apertures and their real-life implications.
  • Introduction to night photography techniques.

Field Trip:

  • A night photography field trip to practice manual exposure, slow and fast shutter techniques, and capturing images in low light conditions. The instructor will provide guidance and support as students experiment with these techniques.

Additional Notes:

  • Throughout each session, interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and Q&A segments will be integrated to ensure a clear understanding for all levels of participants.
  • Instructors will provide constructive feedback during the field trips to help students apply the theoretical knowledge practically.

This structured three-session Bootcamp aims to equip participants with a solid understanding of camera functions, exposure, composition, and advanced techniques, fostering their growth as beginner photographers.

Details Price Qty
General Bootcamp Admissionshow details + $450.00 CAD  


Venue Phone: 604-217-6988

2301-32615 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, V2t 1X8


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