• Studio Portrait workshop
    June 2, 2018
    10:30 am - 4:30 pm
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Studio Lighting and Portrait Posing Workshop

Studio Portrait Photography Workshop

A complete workshop for setting up a perfect portrait studio 

There are many similarities when working with flash and studio lights (also known as strobes) and there are many fundamental differences as well. This workshop is all about working with strobes for optimum results.

Portrait and Posing workshop Studio edition

Saturday January 27th 2018 from 10:30am to 4:30 pm

This is a six hour classroom session inside a studio space. You will be introduced to external flash meter, different light modifiers such as umbrellas and soft boxes, how distance and size of the light affects the result, some popular studio light setups, camera techniques and much more.

Inside the studio we will try three different shooting stations complete with strobes and backdrops. Each station represents a different popular portrait light setup complete with live models. Your instructor will assist participants to setup their camera and the lights, examine different options and more. This Studio session has lots of technical and practical examples to prepare you for many kinds of studio shooting challenges.

List of equipment required for this workshop:

A camera with manual control (Such as DSLR or Mirror-less camera), a lens with minimum of 50mm focal length (please contact us if you have questions regarding your camera and/or lenses), a fully charged battery and memory card are all you need for this advanced workshop. Strobes and the extra devices used in studio portrait work (such as modifiers, triggers, etc) will be supplied by us..

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understanding Studio Lights, Modifiers, and set ups
  • Adjusting the Key Light and fill light
  • Posing models
  • Interact and breaking the ice with models techniques
  • Experience wit different light modifiers
  • and much more


Basic knowledge of photography and camera settings



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