Why shooting Raw Format?

One of the most popular features of Raw files is that they are capable of holding 16-bit of color data compared to JPEG’s 8-bit. However, most digital cameras only produce 12-bit Raw files. Some newer and advanced cameras can produce 14-bit, and many highly advanced cameras shoot even at 16-bit! Is it really that big of a difference? Lets have a look at the comparison table below:


Raw vs Jpeg 8 Bit (Jpeg) 12 Bit (Raw) 16 Bit (Raw)
Tones per channel 256 4096 65536
Colour Over 16 million Over 68 million Over 281 million


Can you explain it better?

As you can see from the above table, there is really a big difference between the bit levels in terms of colour and tones. With that said, however, 8-bit is still produces good results and is usually good enough for most candid photos (unless they contain delicate colors that need adjustments.) Raw format can produce the most detailed image because it can see the differences in tonal range within a wider selection of colour . This is closer to the subtleties that you eye can see.

Can I see the differences in a print or display?

Definitely you can see the differences. Here is an example for you. The following photo is just the Jpeg out of camera

As you can see in this sample the image is a little under exposed which resulted loosing   data in shadow but highlights are fine. This is not the way that human eye sees the scene.

in this sample the same image in Raw format and edited properly:

Now you can see the the differences, even on your monitor!

But Raw files are large and your workflow gets slower!

Yes, that is a fact. New cameras have more mega pixels which results in a larger file size. Does this mean that you have to buy a faster and more powerful PC every time you upgrade your camera? No, justcontact us!

Here is how we can help you.

At Omnilargess Services we use state-of-the art technology and software. Our Mac Pro towers and all the monitors are calibrated on weekly bases to ensure that our color correction is always 100% accurate. We use Capture One, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Nik Software, Noise Ninja, Image Neat, Photomatix, and other reputable softwares. Using different powerful software applications and capitalizing on their individual strengths, we provide you with the best performance and results each can provide.


Why do we use so many different softwares?

The answer is quite simple. Each software has its own unique strengths, and we want to be sure that your images get the best possible enhancements.

 What color profile do we use?

We can adjust your images in SRGB, Adobe RGB, or CMYK. We have ICC Profiles of major printers and papers. If you use a special ICC Profile or paper, you can send it to us and we will use it for your projects to ensure the best possible result when printing.

Are you ready to order?

You can contact us and we will set up s free FTP account or you can use our user friendly uploader