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Flash Photography Techniques Fraser Valley

Flash Photography Techniques that will save the day!

Did you know that Flash Photography techniques are very easy to learn?

After all, photography is all about using light, and is sometimes referred to as painting with light!

Shooting under natural light is totally different from using artificial lights. Over a series of articles I am going to discuss some very basic plans and then go on to explain more complex lighting set ups.

First I want to thank for their helpful App for iPhone that makes it very easy for me to create the diagrams. Good job guys!

Single Flash Off-camera

Single Flash Off-camera

One of the most commonly asked questions about studio lighting is: “What kind of light should I use?” I found this helpful web site where you can compare the effects of different lights shapers. I really encourage you to take a look at this web site and spend some time getting familiar with the nature of light and the light shaping abilities of each tool. Now you can make the right decision about your set up.

We are going to cover on-camera flash photography, bounce flash, diffusers of different shapes and sizes, etc. in this Flash Photography Workshop. We are going to have a Studio Set Up  workshop in February where we will cover the off-camera flash settings, using umbrella, soft boxes, and grids in combination with flash to make a home or portable studio. Stay tuned for this workshop!

Small Group photography workshop, Flash photography

Small Group photography workshop, Flash photography