List of Fraser Valley Photography Classes

Omnilargess Photography Services offers Photography Classes for all levels and ages in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland area. We believe that learning photography should be accessible and enjoyable. Many Talented artists want to learn photography, but they may get intimidated by the complexities of digital cameras and technical terms.

Fraser Valley Photography Classes is the answer to your photography quest.

Here is how our Classes can assist you in capturing fabulous pictures every time:

To be a successful photographer, you need to learn your camera settings and how it works. On the other note, you need to learn the necessary skills for correct exposure. And Finally, you should learn about composition and photo editing.
So, After investigating these steps, I found out how to defeat these harmful influences of modern digital photography. I realized that practical examples and hands-on are the solutions. Therefore, most of our photography workshops consist of two parts, Theory and Hands-on.

There are two groups of workshops in this Classes, Photography and Photo Editing. Each group consists of two levels of classes, beginners and advanced workshops. Whether you are a novice or an avid photographer, you can always find a class that works for you.

You cannot find the class that accommodates you? 

That is no problem! At Omnilargess Photography services, we do offer private lessons. Just Contact Us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.   


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Fraser Valley Photography Classes

Testimonies of previous students

Check our Testimony page to see for yourself how Omnilargess Photography classes have helped many photographers like you to start capturing fabulous images in a short period.


Below is a list of our upcoming Fraser Valley Photography Classes. Please click on each workshop to learn more about it. 

Fraser Valley Portrait Photography Class is a three-part workshop for intermediate to advanced users. It covers Natural Ligh and Flash Portrait techniques. It also covers posing models and interacting with models.

Digital Camera Crash Course is an entry-level photography class that covers everything, from camera settings to full-manual shooting. All new photographers need a jump start to a successful photography experience. Whether you just want to take better family photos or start a photography business, the Digita Camera Crash Course is the first step for your success.

If you just got your first digital SLR camera, or even have had it for several months, Omnilargess Digital Photography Bootcamp will equip you with all the techniques that you need to operate your digital camera at its ultimate performance. In this workshop, you will learn how to use different settings, such as Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, different Metering Modes, White Balance, ISO, etc.

Chasing Shadows and Highlights workshop is in three consequent Saturdays. Each class consist of 2 hours classroom session in the morning following by a 3 hour field trip in the afternoon. This is a 15 hour workshop in total, with lots of practical and hand ons experiences.

Colours are so deceiving, therefore, we use only Black and White images.