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Full-frame Camera

Full-frame Camera Adventure

Pro photographers love using a full-frame camera. The reason is quite apparent. A full-frame camera has a larger sensor; therefore, pixels on a full-frame sensor are larger. The larger pixel size means more dynamic range and clarity.

Rent a Full-frame Camera at the lowest rate

I just dropped the rental fee for the Nikon D3 camera. The new rental fee encourages photographers to get their hands on a full-frame camera and experience the image quality by themselves.

Nikon D3 is an excellent camera; it offers speedy autofocus and frame rate speeds.

Nikon D3 Full-frame Camera

Full-frame Camera
Nikon D3 is an excellent camera for testing the experience of full size sensor.

The Nikon D3 rental fee is as low as $30 per day. Use promo code “OMNI” to receive a $35 discount on your first rental. The promo code and lower fee make an Exceptional Offer for a high-quality pro camera.
To view the rental listing and take advantage of this offer, click the link below:

Match the Nikon D3 body with a Pro lens

Click HERE to check our Nikon Pro lenses’ inventory and match the Nikon D3 with one of the pro lenses for experiencing the full power of the large sensor size and how it affects the picture quality.

Use Promo code “OMNI” to enjoy a $35 discount on your first rental request.

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