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Homemade Flash Diffuser Explained

Homemade Flash Diffuser Explained

Or…please tell us how you made that!

Last week’s blog post about A Simple Photography Hack for Flash Photography generated quite a few email and Rebel Photographer Group requests to show the steps and/or photos for the flash modifier I built. In response to your interest this post outlines the steps for my New Year’s Eve Flash Photography Hack. With a little creativity and a few common household items, it’s easier than you think. So here we go:

Building a homemade Flash Diffuser, step by step

1-Select the piece that you want to use as a diffuser. In this case I used a disposable bowl.

A Simple Photography Hack for Flash Photography 

My beloved disposable bowl that saved the photos!

2-Select a piece of cardboard and cut out a lid for the bowl.

Homemade Flash Diffuser

All you need to make a powerful homemade flash diffuser

3-Draw a space for your flash head to fit through the new lid and make two diagonal cuts in the cardboard.

Homemade Flash Diffuser

These cut outs are used for securing the lid to flash

4-Fold the cuts and you’ll get four wings folding downward. Test to make sure that the opening fits the flash.

Homemade Flash Diffuser

Make sure that the cut out is not too big or too small.

5-Attach the lid to the bowl with tape, and then attach the bowl to the flash and use tape to secure the diffuser to the flash.

Homemade Flash Diffuser

Use tape to secure the diffuser to the flash

6-Job is done! It looks funny but works like a charm!

Homemade Flash Diffuser

It looks funny but works like a charm!

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more Photography Hacks and check our Upcoming Classes to find a photography workshop that answers your photography needs.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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