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How to Avoid Blurry Photos

Blurry pictures are the most dreading experience a photographer may have! In this tip, I share tips to avoid blurry photos.

Reasons for Blurry Photos:

Generally speaking, there are three reasons for having a blurry picture:

1- The photo is out of focus:

2- The subject moves faster than the shutter speed setting.

3- Camera shake.

Let’s dig into these conditions deeper:

Camera Shake Blur

The slower the shutter speed the more camera shake blur happens
The slower the shutter speed the more camera shake blur happens

Let’s Prevent Blurry Photos.

The Image is Out of Focus

The fix for this problem is easier than the others; Learn your camera’s autofocus settings, and make sure that you use the correct one. New digital cameras have different focusing modes.

For instance, If you take photos of a static object, use the One-Shot or Single focusing mode.

Out of Focus Subject

Blurry Photo
Understanding the camera's Autofocus system prevents out of focus images.

The Subject is blurry Due to Action

As a general rule, slow shutter speed is not recommended for moving objects. Select a faster shutter speed for smaller and quicker subjects. For instance, hummingbirds are tiny and very agile. 

Moving Blur

Fast and Slow shutter speed comparison
Fast and Slow shutter speed comparison

Everything is fuzzy in the image

Usually, when everything is fuzzy in the image, it is because of the Camera Shake. To fix this issue, use a faster shutter speed.

To avoid blurry photos, I try to stay above 1/30sec. Whenever I need to shoot slower than 1/30sec, I use a tripod or a platform to stabilize my camera.

Camera Shake Blur

When the shutter speed is not fast enough, try to stabilize the camera for sharp picture. Here is a sample of Camera shake.
When the shutter speed is not fast enough, try to stabilize the camera for sharp picture. Here is a sample of Camera shake.

Do you know your camera’s settings?

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