Photography and Editing Classes

Join us at Omnilargess Photography Classes, where we’re not just teaching photography; we’re nurturing artists. Unleash your potential and capture the world, one mesmerizing frame at a time.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, we offer engaging courses and resources to enhance your skills.


Our expert instructors will work with you one-on-one to help you master Lightroom and achieve your photography goals.

Holding camera

A complete beginner’s photography program with field trips. Comprehensive and Hands-on.

New Summer Bootcamp

A Full-day Photography Class for beginners with lots of hands-on exercises and a field trip.

Photo Editing

A weekend of guided photography tours in and around Pacific Rim National Park.


An online portrait editing class for all levels. Learn how to edit portraits in Lightroom or Photoshop for optimum results.

Maple Ridge Photo Walk

A guided landscape photography tour at Maple Ridge, BC. Learn the secrets of landscape photography from experts.

A photography program specially developed for kids 12 and up.

A complete portrait workshop for beginners to advanced users. Learn Natural light and fill-flash techniques for outstanding portraitures.

Gift Cards

Out of time for a gift?
There are a variety of reasons that a photographer loves Omnilargess gift cards. For instance, up-to-date information and small class size are just a few.

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