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In-Camera Highlight Warning

How to Use In-Camera Highlight Warning

All the new digital cameras equipped with many advanced hidden features. Previously, I discussed the metering system. In this article, I am going to cover the In-Camera Highlight Warning.

What is In-Camera Highlight Warning?

As you already know, all digital cameras have a common weakness; they cannot maintain the highlights. Therefore, the camera manufacturers add a hidden feature to help photographers finding the missing highlights. Generally speaking, we should call it “In-Camera Highlight Warning.” However, different manufacturers use different names for this function, and it works all the same across all makes.

The Highlight Warning warns photographers that blinking areas in the pictures are overexposed. Therefore, photographers should know that they cannot retrieve any details from affected areas. 

In-Camera Highlight Warning

Highlight warning
In-camera Highlight Clipping warning

How to Locate the Highlight Warning?

Generally, you can find the Highlight Warning inside the “PLAYBACK Menu.” However, you need to activate it first. To enable the Highlight Warning, refer to your camera’s instruction manual and follow the steps. 

How to Use Highlight Warning? 

In the picture above, the blinking areas are the Highlight Warning areas; which means that the camera could not capture any details there. However, in this sample, it is not as crucial, and I can easily ignore the warning. 

However, when taking a portrait, and the warning is in a part of the model’s face, you need to reconsider the exposure. 

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