Individual or Small Group - Private Photography Classes

Why choosing Private lessons?

Choose Private Photography Classes to learn faster

For those of you who prefer to learn one-on-one or in a smaller group setting, our private classes might be just what you need. They allow us to target the lesson right at the areas that you or your group need to focus on, rather than spending class time on areas that don’t apply to you.

To get started with our private lessons, we will have you fill out a form, and then meet with you to discuss what your needs are. Once we know the specific areas you need to work on, we can match you with an instructor and customize a plan just for you! If you would like to learn as a small group of 2 or more people, you can save on the cost of the instruction, as well as have a lesson plan unique to your needs.

We welcome businesses or companies looking to hold private group classes for employees or a fun team-building exercise. Other groups who are looking for private, tailor-made photography or editing classes need look no further!

Cost of Individual Instruction starts at $60/hour. Please fill out this form to arrange a consultation. A $25, non-refundable consultation fee will apply, and will be credited towards the cost of your lessons.

Private Photography Classes

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