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Bringing Back the Joy of Photography

Photography is a joyful hobby or profession. However, the complexities of digital cameras may make photography less fun. By sharing tips on digital cameras, I try to bring back the joy of photography to you.


For this #MondayPhotoClue, I will explain Exposure Data inside the camera’s viewfinder.


Exposure Data Inside the Viewfinder

We are very familiar with finding the exposure data on the camera’s LCD panel. Nevertheless, did you know that your camera’s viewfinder displays the same information?  


For instance, when you want to check the shutter speed, aperture, or ISO, you don’t need to take the camera off your eyes to see the data. The data is available right inside the viewfinder. 


Therefore, by checking the camera settings through the viewfinder, you save precious time and not miss important shots.


That is all for this Monday Photo Clue. Follow us for more free photography tips. 

Viewfinder Data

The Shutter Speed Indicator

There are many more tips that will bring back joy to your photography. Digital cameras can be a bit intimidating. However, understanding the cameras’ setting is the essential one. To read the full article and see the images, click HERE.

Are you ready to have fun in photography?

Omnilargess Photography workshops focus on bringing back the joy of photography. Digital Photography Bootcamp is one of our most popular photography courses. This program covers everything from camera settings to composition. It is a six-week workshop and has two field trips, one for daytime and one for nighttime photography techniques.

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