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Learn Lightroom Collections and organize your pictures

There are many different photo editing softwares in the market, but for sure none of them has the power of Lightroom when it comes to picture organizing and management. One of the key features of Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 is the Lightroom Collections.

Generally speaking, we can describe Lightroom Collections as Albums. The same way that you collect certain photos in albums for displaying, you can collect your digital pictures in Lightroom Collections and have them ready for sharing online, create slideshows, editing, or print.

What are the advantages of Lightroom Collections?

There are three types of Collections in Lightroom: Collection, Collection Set, and Smart Collection.


Lightroom Collection, One of the most powerful feature in Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6

In our Lightroom workshops I cover all the major features of each type of collection and the applications that you can use them for. But the most important feature of Lightroom collection is that you can put a photo in different collection without copying the photo.

This is the most important feature for many photographers.

Can you give us an example?

Here is an everyday example for you:

When you came back from your trip to France and uploaded the photos to Lightroom. You added all the keywords and then it is time to organize the photos.

You can create a Collection Set and call it “France 2017” and add all the photos to this collection. Now you can create collections inside this collection set for each cities and towns that you have visited there and add the photos of each city to it’s appropriate collection without duplicating the photos! You can also add some of these photos to other collection such as to your Landscape collection and Nighttime photography collection, without having multiple copies of the same photo.

To me and many other photographers this feature is the main key feature to appreciate Lightroom Collections functionality.

Are there any other usages for Lightroom Collections?

There are many more useful features in Lightroom Collections that I will cover the most of them in our Lightroom Library Workshop on August 30th. In this three hour hands on workshop you will learn how to correctly import the photos to Lightroom, create different type of collections, search for the photos by different filtering points and much more.

Lightroom Introductory Workshop for beginners to intermediates

Lightroom Introductory Workshop specially developed for new users. We cover fundamentals in Lightroom setup and usages. It is a three hour workshop with plenty hands on examples.

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