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Lightroom Gradient Filter

Potentials of the Lightroom Gradient Filter

For this Thursday’s #LightroomTip, I picked up the Lightroom Gradient Filter. 

The Lightroom Gradient Filter is a local adjustment that allows you to apply the settings at 100% at one point, and it gradually reduces the adjustments to zero to the next point. For instance, you can set the sky darker while keeping the foreground bright. 

In this photo, I changed the sky’s colours while maintaining the colour tone for the foreground.

The Lightroom Gradient Filter

Lightroom Gradient Filter
By using the Lightroom Gradient Filter, I changed the sky's colour without affecting the foreground.

Lightroom Gradient Filter and Masking

One of the newest updates to the Lightroom Gradient Filter is Masking. By activating the Range Masking, you can apply the adjustments to the Luminance (Brightness or Darkness of the selected area) or a range of colours on the selected part.    

The new Range Mask brought so many new potentials to Lightroom. For example, you can enjoy the Gradient Filter’s benefit while applying the adjustments to specific colours or brightness.

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