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Lightroom Saves Time

Lightroom Saves Time for Busy Photographers

Lightroom Quick collection as an assistant 

Have you ever wanted to work on a project which included several different images from your Lightroom Library and you wondered if there was a way to put them together temporarily for your project?

It happens to me all the time! Whenever I am writing an article or preparing materials for my workshops. However, here is a simple solution for how to organize (group) photos together temporarily. Therefore, the great thing about being organized means more free time!

Lightroom Quick Collections

Collections in Lightroom are a fancy name for albums! Collections allow you to put photos in a specific location in your Lightroom Library to find them faster next time. There are several different types of Collections in Lightroom and in this article we are looking at Lightroom Quick Collection.

Lr Quick Collection

Quick Collection is a life saver for busy photographers
Quick Collection is a life saver for busy photographers

The other day, I was trying to find some photos related to my upcoming workshop (Outdoor Digital Photography Techniques) in my Lightroom Library. I wanted to put them together temporarily till I was done with that workshop. However, there are over 600 images with the same Keywords. I didn’t want to go back and forth in my different folders each time to pick the image that I wanted to use. I just wanted to put them together temporarily, to compare them and to select the ones I wanted to use.

Here came the power of Lightroom Quick Collection to save me lots of time! I just looked at the thumbnails and selected the photo/photos that I wanted. Just by pressing the letter B on my keyboard they added to the Quick Collection section. Then I went to the quick selection and examined the selected photos further more to pick the best matches.

Lr Quick Collection

Lightroom hotkey
Lr quick collection helps to store selected photos temporarily.

In general, Lightroom Collections do not copy your images over to another location. Therefore, there won’t be any duplications. Lr just adds the information to the new “Collection”. Ergo, this means that it does not take any space on your hard drive.

Just a quick reminder: what if after you are done with your images and you want to delete them from Quick Collection? It’s as easy as to add them to Quick Collection.

How to remove photos from the Quick Collection?

In the thumbnail (grid) view press Command/Ctrl+ A to select all the images and then press the letter B to remove them from the Quick Collection. Your images are still in their original location, you’ve just removed them from the quick collection.

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