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One Minute Lightroom Tip.

Lightroom applies a certain amount of sharpening to all Raw files. As for JPG files, you can apply sharpness to photos. 

However, we like to use sharpness for a specific part of the picture most of the time. 

For instance, we want to sharpen the eyes, eyebrows and lips in portraiture, and we don’t want to sharpen the skin.

Have you ever used the Lightroom Sharpening Mask?

It is an advanced tool for applying sharpness to specific parts of an image.   


1- Open an image in Lightroom Develop Module. 

2- After the initial edit, go to the DETAIL tab.

3- Adjust the Sharpness, Radius and Detail sliders to your liking.

4- Hold down the OPTION/ALT key while clicking on the MASKING slider

5- The entire screen turns white, which means that the sharpening applied to the whole picture

6- Move the slider to the right until the photo’s desired parts stay white, and the rest turn black.

7- Enjoy the sharpness of the selected areas.

Give it a try; you will love the Sharpening Masking tool! 

Watch the video for more detail.

Lightroom 1 Minute Tip

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