Editing Winter Images

Tips on Editing Winter Images to Perfection

Winter photography needs special skills, the same as winter image editing. In this article, I cover tips that make your winter image editing a breeze. 

What Makes Winter Image Editing Different?

Four elements make winter photos different:

1- Bright Reflection from the Ice and Snow, which usually results in under-exposed images.

2- Winter Dim Light, which forces you to use a higher ISO, which can result in grainy (Noisy) pictures.

3- Directional Sun can cause harsh highlights and shadows.

4- White Balance is usually incorrect, turning the white snow to pink (magenta) or blue (cyan).

I edited a typical winter shot, and you can see the steps in the following photos:

a) This is the original photo. Notice the Cyan colour cast on the snow:

Original Photo

Winter Image editing

b) By adjusting the exposure, I made the snow white:

Winter Image Editing

Winter image editing
Exposure adjustment

c) Next, I adjusted the White Balance:

d) I added Texture, Clarity and Dehaze to finish the global adjustment.

Global Adjustments

e) I used the Mask to select the subject and made all necessary adjustments:  

And here is the final image.

Final Photo

Winter Image editing
The final result is outstanding.

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