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How to Apply Lightroom Dehaze Adjustment in Photos

Lightroom has many powerful tools for image enhancement. In this video, I show you how to use Lightroom Dehaze adjustment to improve picture quality.

Lightroom Dehaze

Lightroom Dehaze

Lightroom Dehaze tool improves images by removing the fog and haze from outdoor photos.

What Does Lightroom Dehaze Do?

Lightroom’s Dehaze tool is a powerful feature designed to improve the clarity and contrast of images affected by atmospheric haze, fog, or similar conditions. It works by adjusting the image’s contrast and colour to enhance the visibility of distant objects and reduce the overall haze effect.

Applying the Dehaze tool in Lightroom analyzes the image and increases the contrast in the areas where haze is present, making the image appear clearer and more defined. This can help bring out details in landscapes, cityscapes, or other outdoor scenes where haze might obscure distant objects or diminish overall clarity.

The Dehaze tool is particularly useful for outdoor photography, especially when shooting in haze or fog, such as early mornings, late evenings, or in locations with high humidity or pollution levels. It can also be used creatively to add drama or atmosphere to an image by adjusting the intensity of the Dehazing effect.

Overall, Lightroom’s Dehaze tool provides photographers with a simple yet effective way to enhance the clarity and visibility of their images, allowing them to achieve more impactful and visually appealing results.

In this video, you can see Lightroom Dehaze improved the picture quality.

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