Lightroom Workshop

Lightroom Workshop 

We just posted another Lightroom Workshop for July 10. If you missed the June Lightroom workshop, it is time to register for our July Lightroom workshop. Space is limited to provide more one on one interaction.

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In this article, Jonathan (Our lightroom instructor), explains why you should consider “Post Processing” as part of your digital photography.


Why you should take Lightroom Workshops!

Post processing your photos is an important part of digital photography, when we take lessons we’re all taught about our aperture, shutter speed and ISO, how to compose shots and work with the light in your scene. Often though we’re not taught about how important it is to process your photos after the fact. Many feel that editing a photo in the computer is cheating, that it’s not what the camera captured.

Did you know though, that if you are using your camera in JPG mode, it is post processing your photo? It’s applying contrast, saturation, sharpness, noise reduction all on its own without your input. So who do you trust more, the little chip inside your camera, or your eyes.

Ansel Adams, one of the most famous landscape photographers, did not just get lucky with his shots, yes he waited patiently for the best light, but he also spent hours in the darkroom working on each of his photos, dodging, burning, masking, and all though many of use don’t use the darkroom, we have the Lightroom now, with the same tools.

Lightroom gives us the tools we need, quickly and accessibly. Allowing us to do simple tasks such as white balance correction with ease, as well as more advanced edits such as painting in exposure.


Few adjustments can create amazing photo
Few adjustments in Lightroom can create amazing photo

In our level 2 course, you are taught how to quickly use the tools in lightroom to control many aspects of your image, such as exposure, highlight and shadow recovery, sharpening and noise reduction, and using the adjustment brush to “paint” in edits on your photo.



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