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New Logo for Omnilargess Services

New Logo for our new services!

A mini vacation can be very beneficial, whether you run your own business or if you work for someone else. The change of scenery and break from routine is like a breath of fresh air!  It can open up new possibilities which we don’t always have time to explore during our busy lives.

I have never been completely happy with our company logo and knew I wanted to change it. When we added our Photography Equipment Rental department earlier this year it became necessary for a new logo, but I was stumped for a design idea which would showcase all the aspects of our company.

During last mini vacation I was inspired with some interesting ideas and this new logo is one of them. Stay tuned for more upcoming brilliant concepts!

New Logo for new services

New Logo for new services


Please send us your feedback about this new logo; as always, we love to hear from you.