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New Year, New Office

New Year, New Office

Have you been wondering why Omnilargess Services has been so quiet lately? We are excited to be in touch today to reveal one of the many reasons! At Omnilargess Services our first priority is our commitment to excellent customer care. We listened to your feedback and one of the concerns was that many of our clients found the current office location not very convenient.


About three months ago I started my research to scout out a better location for our office. It was quite a challenge to find a location to fit our budget and has all the specifications I was looking for. Finally, after a very intensive search, I found the best location which can provide all the services to our clients, whether they are students or customers for our rental department.


I am so happy to announce we have leased an office space inside Seven Oaks Shopping Centre. I will post more articles and photos as soon as our interior designer starts to make changes. The new location has all the conveniences such as access to elevators, ample parking spaces, food court, coffee shops, etc. Plans also include a comfortable conference area with multimedia installed for our small groups or individual private classes. Stay tuned for more exciting news as plans and work progresses in the coming weeks.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team