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Nikon 1 J4, New Addition to Rental

I just added a new Nikon 1 J4, a Mirro-less camera bundle, to our Rental Department. The addition of a mirror-less camera opens up a new door for photographers who want to test drive a mirror-less camera. The bundle’s rental fee, including camera, lens, battery, and charger, is as low as $17 per day!

Benefits of Nikon 1 J4

Whether you want to travel or carry a small yet fast and powerful camera to an event, this camera meets your photography demands. Here are a few highlights:

Designed for your lifestyle, the Nikon 1 J4 is fast, compact, versatile, and delivers uncompromisingly sharp and beautiful 18.4MP images. Sleek enough to fit in your purse or coat pocket and fast enough to capture life’s fleeting moments, the Nikon 1 J4 won’t let you down. Capture tack-sharp photos of energetic children, an evening out, or shoot stunning video with confidence. Share images and video immediately using the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi.

Finally, a camera that moves at the speed of your life! From squirming babies to football games, it takes a fast camera to get clear well-timed action shots. With the world’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate of 60 fps fixed focus and 20 fps full autofocus and touch-shutter, the Nikon 1 J4 captures action shots with confidence. Your images will look like time stood still.

How to Rent the Camera

Visit our Rental Page, and rent the camera bundle. With a daily rental fee as low as $15 per day and promotion through Ruckify, you have the best chance to give a mirror-less camera a try.

Remember to use the promo code OMNI to save $35 on your first rental fee. 

Nikon 1 J4 Sample image

Directional light is very useful for Macro photography
Directional light is very useful for Macro photography

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