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Off-Centre Focusing

Two Techniques for Off-Centre Focusing

Off-Centre Focusing is a technique in photography that allows photographers to apply the Rule of thirds in photos. In this article, I discuss two methods for Off-Centre Focusing. 

Many advanced photographers prefer off-centre composition for different reasons. For instance, the Off-Centre subject creates a blank space. Therefore, the image looks more open and airy.

Off-Centre Focusing

Off-Centre Focusing offers an extra room for the main subject, and is more pleasing to the eyes.

In the above photo, the blank space helps the flower to be more pronounced.

There are many techniques for Off-Centre focusing. However, I figured out the following skills are simple and effective.

Locking the Focus

In this method, wherever the focusing point is sitting, press the shutter release button halfway and hold it, then recompose the image and shoot. The camera locks the focusing distance, and your main object stays in Focus.

Off-Centre Focus

By holding down the shutter release button halfway, you lock the focus.

This technique works when the camera set to Single-shot focus mode. However, if you use Continuous or AI Focus, this method is not useful, as the camera keeps focusing on whatever item that sits inside the focusing point. 

Setting Focusing Points Off-Centre

While using the Continuous or AI Focus mode, you should select one of the off-centre focusing points. Therefore, the camera focuses on the item, which is in the selected focusing area.

This method is advantageous in Sports Photography or Wildlife Photography. 

Please give it a try, and let me know if these skills answer your questions.

Off-Centre Focusing

The focusing point is in the center.

Off-Centre Focusing

The focusing point is Off-Centre.

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