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Outdoor Flash class coming up!

Don’t miss out on the upcoming Outdoor Flash Photography Techniques class that is coming up in just a few days! On Friday, Aug. 23rd (6-8pm), Ted will be taking you through the daunting world of flash in a quickly changing lighting scenario. When we are shooting photographs outdoors, there are so many things that are beyond our control and we just have to put up with them…or are there???

This is a sentence I hear on a regular basis:

“I am a natural light photographer. Using a flash makes the picture look fake and similar to a snapshot.”

Now, there is nothing wrong with natural light, but this tells me that the photographer simply has not learned how to conquer the use of their flash outdoors (and likely indoors as well). Don’t be the photographer who doesn’t know how. Learn the power of your flash outdoors to help combat flat drab lighting, as well as high contrast, sunny day lighting to balance out those nasty shadows. After taking this class, you will be able to use your flash in any situation where you can use it to your advantage. You will still be able to turn it off and shoot your natural light poses as well, so why not have both types of lighting at your disposal?

Don’t let Outdoor Flash conquer you! Get out there and conquer it!

Limited space available, register quickly to reserve your spot today!

Outdoor photo with no flash

Outdoor photo with no flash

Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light

Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light

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