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Outdoor photography workshop July

Outdoor Photography Workshop for July 20 

Do you want to take better Outdoor photos? This workshop will cover lot of tips about Outdoor Photography techniques.

Do you think your camera is not capable of taking amazing photos? Most Digital cameras have settings that help you controlling the exposure. 

Long Exposure

Long Exposure

Did you know that almost all digital cameras have very sophisticated metering system? In this class you will learn how and when to use this advanced tool to dramatically improve your photography.

Spot Metering

Spot Metering

Did you know that the Histogram can help you make better exposures? We will cover understanding the histogram to fine-tune your exposures.

Histogram helps you tweaking the Exposure

Histogram helps you tweaking the Exposure

If you love to photograph the beauty of outdoor scenes, make plans to join us for this very popular Outdoor photography workshop.*

Outdoor Photography workshop will cover how to manually meter the light, control depth of field, adjust shutter speed and white balance, locate right view point, composition, histogram and more.

This is an intermediate workshop for DSLR cameras of all brands.  Point and shoot cameras are also welcome but are limited in their capacity. A tripod is required. Please dress appropriately as we will go rain or shine. Bring an umbrella just in case!

*Maximum 12 students for this workshop.

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