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Tips On Photographing Parties (Shutter Speed and Aperture)

Photographing Parties can be very challenging, lighting is not great, people move, and many other things can ruin the photos. In previous article I discusses why not to use the popup flash, use of external flash, and Auto ISO.

In this article I am going to cover Shutter Speed and Aperture for photographing parties.

Good Shutter Speed for Photographing Parties

Usually Christmas parties are in the evenings and indoors, in which the light is not sufficient. This situation compels photographers to use slower shutter speed to avoid using higher ISO. Using slower shutter speed can result camera shake or motion blur in picture, which make the photos useless.

On the other hand when using faster shutter speed not only do you eliminate the chances of camera shake, but also if your subject moves, it won’t get blurry.

What is the minimum recommended Shutter Speed?

Generally speaking the safe shutter speed for indoor family photos is 1/60sec. This is a general guideline. If you photograph kids or pets, you need to use slightly faster shutter speed. Make sure not to a very fast shutter speed as you may push the ISO over its limit.

Fast Enough Shutter Speed

Using a fast Shutter Speed prevents camera shake or motion blurred.
Using a fast Shutter Speed prevents camera shake or motion blurred.

Aperture setting for indoor family photography

Unless you want to have a very shallow Depth Of Field (Bokeh Effect), you shouldn’t use the lowest f-stop 9f2.8 or lower). On the other hand using a higher f-stop can result increasing the ISO or reducing the shutter speed unnecessary (f11 or higher). I like to use f5.6 or f8 (depends on the lens that I use at the time) for photographing parties. Aperture 5.6 or 8 provides enough depth of field to cover all people in focusing range and create a soft background and foreground.

Good Aperture Setting

Aperture f5.6 provided enough Depth Of Field to cover both persons and the preset in focusing range.
Aperture f5.6 provided enough Depth Of Field to cover both persons and the preset in focusing range.

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