Beginners Photography Class

Beginners Photography Class Bootcamp Program

Why do you need to take a Photography Class?

Photography is capturing the moments, wether you shoot sports or portraits, you want to capture those precious moments. Understanding digital cameras is the most important part of a successful photography. Digital Photography Class Bootcamp Program is one of our most popular photography classes and tickets sell very fast. It is a 6 week program with 6 classroom sessions and two field trips, one for day time and one for night time photography techniques. Our Fall Photography Class was very successful and everyone enjoyed the program. Here are a few reviews and pictures from our Fall Bootcamp.

  • I have had my DSLR Camera for over 2 years and had no idea how to use it. As a colour expert, decorator and design blogger, it’s so important for me to have pretty images on my blog. I had tried many times to take photos that included a window but my automatic functions (auto settings in camera) would not allow it. That one day when I learned how to turn an image from dark and bleak to a light filled space was worth the entire price of the course. Your patience and sense of humour with a bunch of novices in the class was great! Thanks again for a great boot camp! I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you so much!

    Maria Killam, Colour Expert and Design Blogger,

    –Maria Killam

  • I’m really happy that I took this course. Thanks to Ted, my photography has improved tremendously. I’m not very mindful of all the rules of composition when taking photos, I feel confident with the knowledge of my camera’s functions, I am constantly the potential for a good photo everywhere I go.

    –Nicole Skutelnik

  • Ted was so welcoming from the moment I come through his door. He did well to make everyone feel comfortable, no matter what level of previous photography experience we each had. He is well educated and readily answered all our questions! Also has a great sense of humour which in turn made his classes more relaxed. So thankful for everything we learned! Thanks Ted!–Damaris Vane

You can read more Testimonies HERE.

When is the next Bootcamp?

Our Winter Bootcamp Starts January 23rd 2019. Registration is open now. Book your ticket to secure your spot for this workshop.

Digital Photography Class - Six Week Bootcamp Program

Complete Photography Class – Digital Camera Bootcamp

A complete six week photography class for beginners to intermediate photographers

6 Week Bootcamp Program is a photography class for beginners and intermediate photographers who want to take their skills in to next level. It consists of six, three-hour sessions on Wednesday nights each week and two field trips on a Saturday morning and Friday night. All sessions include a mix of theory in the classroom, as well as practical instruction. Participants have opportunities for shooting photographs on field trips, as well as reviewing and discussing their images with an instructor.

Photography Class forBeginners

In outdoor photography classes, we can easily maintain the Physical Distancing measures.
In outdoor photography classes, we can easily maintain the Physical Distancing measures.

Winter Photography Bootcamp Starts January, 23rd, 2019

Session 1

Wednesday January 23rd, 2019 from 6-9pm

Introduction to photography, how digital cameras work, digital photography workflow basics, auto focus versus manual focus, digital image optimization

Session 2

Wednesday January 30th, 2019 from 6-9pm

ISO, Understanding camera setting modes and exposure controls, intro to using the Histogram.

Session 3

Wednesday February 6th, 2019 from 6-9pm

Metering methods, reading a Histogram, using manual mode, White Balance.

Session 4

Wednesday February 13th, 2019 from 6-9pm

Creative uses for aperture and shutter, depth of field and motion. Selective focus/shallow depth of field workshop.

Session 5

Wednesday February 20th, 2019 from 6-9pm

Composition guidelines – rule of thirds, texture, color, point of view and seeing in shapes and forms, and Macro Photography guide line.

Session 6

Saturday February 23rd, 2019 from 10am-1pm

Photo Field Trip (three hours of outdoor photography with instructor). Practical exercises and refining composition and camera control. (Location to be announced)

Session 7

Wednesday February 27th, 2019 from 6-9pm

Review field trip images, and Night Scene Photography guide lines.

Session 8

Friday March 1st, 2019 from 6:00-9:00pm

Photo Field Trip for Night Scene Photography. Please bring your tripod. (Location to be announced)

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

Photography Bootcamp Day Time Field Trip


Course suitable for:

If you just got your first digital SLR camera, or even have had it for several months, Omnilargess Digital Photography Bootcamp will equip you with all the techniques that you need to operate your digital camera at its ultimate performance. In this workshop you will learn how to use different settings, such as Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, different Metering Modes, White Balance, ISO, etc..

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

Workshop Outcomes

* Learning Camera Lay out and settings

* Understanding ISO, Histogram, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and White Balance

* How to capture action shots, portrait, landscapes, and family photos

* Artistic compositions by applying or breaking composition rules. And many more!

What to Bring

All you need is your digital camera, lens, memory card and lots of questions!


Beginner. No previous photography experience required.

Class size: Maximum 9 participants.

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