Education Leads to Success


Education Leads to Success

Taking a photo is different than creating a picture. For example, all cameras can take a photo, but the creativity of the photographer makes the picture. Having the right education opens the door to creativity, especially in the visual arts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Feedback from one of our students” font_container=”tag:h1|font_size:50|text_align:left|color:%23d15b30|line_height:1″ google_fonts=”font_family:Lato%3A100%2C100italic%2C300%2C300italic%2Cregular%2Citalic%2C700%2C700italic%2C900%2C900italic|font_style:700%20bold%20italic%3A700%3Aitalic” css_animation=”bounceInRight”][vc_column_text]

Education Leads to success.

Nicole Skutelnik recently took our Digital Camera Bootcamp. Soon after taking the Bootcamp workshop, she wrote this to me about her success story:

[notify_box font_size=”15px” style=”blue”] I’m really happy that I took this course. Thanks to Ted, my photography has improved tremendously. I’m not very mindful of all the rules of composition when taking photos, I feel confident with the knowledge of my camera’s functions, I am constantly the potential for a good photo everywhere I go. It was fantastic. I loved the way each lesson built on the last. The small class size allowed for a personal approach which I found very useful.  Thanks so much 🙂 [/notify_box]

Nicole is an amazing artist, she is a very successful designer and taking the Digital Photography Bootcamp enabled her to capture her envisioned images.

Here are some of her works during the Bootcamp:[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”22153,22154,22155,22156,22157,22158,21878,22159,22160″ css_animation=”fadeIn” title=”Nicole Skutelnik Gallery”][vc_column_text]I think you’ll agree these images are amazing; I like how she used different skills, such as Exposure, and framing to successfully add depth to her pictures. I want to congratulate Nicole on such an achievement in a short period of time and thank her for sharing her pictures with us. Nicole, we look forward to seeing more of your work!

Whether you want to learn photography as a hobby or as a business we are here to assist you. Check our upcoming classes to find a photography class or editing workshop which matches your needs and schedule. We also offer private photography lessons, a popular choice for busy lifestyles.
Many thanks to all of you for supporting us and sharing your successes along the way. We wish Nicole all the best on her new journey into the professional photography world.
Ted and the Omnilargess Team.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Digital Photography Bootcamp” h4=”A six week Photography program for beginners” style=”outline” color=”sky” add_icon=”top” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-graduation-cap” i_color=”white” i_background_style=”rounded” i_background_color=”vista_blue” i_size=”xl” i_css_animation=”flipInY” css_animation=”fadeInDownBig” i_link=”|title:Digital%20Camera%20Bootcamp|target:%20_blank|”]Bootcamp Photography Class is a 6-week in 8 sessions photography Class. There are 2 Field Trips, one for daytime and one for night time photography. The small class size and hands-on exercises make Bootcamp the best Photography course for beginners.

Click HERE to check the new Bootcamp Schedule.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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