Exploring Shutter Priority

Exploring Shutter Priority

In previous articles I covered fully automatic (Auto and Program) and Aperture Priority. In this article we are going to take a look in to Shutter Priority.

Shutter Priority is another semi-automatic feature in camera exposure modes. It usually represents as TV, S, and SV. Therefore, in Shutter Priority mode, you select the shutter speed and camera sets the aperture and Iso automatically.

Shutter priority uses:

When taking photos of moving objects, photographers prefer to use shutter speed mode. Whether you want to freeze the moving object or to show the blurred effect of movements, you need to control the shutter speed.

I took this photo in Program mode and camera set the shutter speed and the aperture:

Program Mode

Manual Exposure
In Auto or program mode camera sets the shutter speed and aperture. Therefore, a photographer does not have any control.

Clearly, it is not an interesting photo. Everything is flat. Therefore, I decided to make this scene a little more appealing by using the shutter speed. I slowed down the shutter speed to 4 seconds (of course, the camera was on the tripod!) and Boom! A very dynamic picture!

Slow Shutter Speed

Manual Exposure
By slowing down the shutter speed the moving elements get blurry. In this example, the water is blurry.

On the other hand, there are times that photographers want to freeze the movements. Ergo, using a faster shutter speed is a must. The following photos are about freezing the movement to create amazing effects:

Fast Shutter speed

Fast Shutter speed and high ISO
Fast Shutter speed and high ISO

Fast Shutter Speed

Fast Shutter Speed and high ISO
Fast Shutter Speed and high ISO

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