Photoshop Editing Power

Unbeatable Photoshop Editing Power 

As previously discussed, Lightroom has many advantages over Photoshop when it comes to Organizing photos and batch processing. However, Photoshop editing power is unbeatable! In this article, I look into a few of the most popular Photoshop editing tools.

Photoshop Layers

Photoshop changes the pixels of the image when applying an edit. For instance, if you adjust the brightness of a photo, Photoshop will use it to change the photo’s pixels. After saving the changes, there is no way to undo it. This is one of the negative points for Photoshop. 

However, Photoshop offers Layers. Therefore, you can create a layer and apply the changes to the layers to preserve the original photos, provided that you save the file a Photoshop or Tiff format. 

On the other hand, You can improve your retouchings by using the power os Masks and or Blends. 

In the example below, I added one photo on top of another image. So, by using the power of Mask and Blend tools, I effortlessly changed the sky.

Original Photo

Photoshop editing power
This is the original photo. I just wanted to change the sky.

Photoshop Editing Power

photoshop editing power
By using the Photoshop Layers and Blend mode, I easily changed the sky and reflection in this picture.

Photoshop Type Tool

Although Lightroom is a powerhouse for editing photographs, it cannot add texts to the photos. Adding words to images is one of the most demanded features. 

Photoshop Type Tool is the most advanced Type kit in the market.

Below I added a basic yet pleasing text effect to the image.

Photoshop Editing Power

photoshop editing power
Adding texts is an effortless task in Photoshop

Clone Stamp Tool

Often, there are some unwanted or distracting elements in the picture that you wish you could remove or replace them. 

Here is good news for you, Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool is here to assist you. The Clone Stamp tool has many functions; however, in the image below, I just used it to replace a distractive object.

Photoshop Editing Power - original photo

photoshop editing power
You can remove or replace distractive items using Photoshop Clone Stamp toll.

Photoshop Editing Power - Clone Stamp

Photoshop editing power
Photoshop Clone Stamp tool allows you to easily remove unwanted elements.

Photoshop Content-Aware Tool

Clone Stamp Tool works fine on a simple background. However, for a complex background, you need to work hard to create a realistic image. Thanks to the new Photoshop Content-Aware Tool, the task can be done effortlessly. 

The content-aware tool is a complicated algorithm, but Photoshop AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes it fun and easy to use.

In the picture below, I removed the unwanted items from the frame and Photoshop replaced them with proper pixels. 

Photoshop Editing Power - Original image

Photoshop editing power
I just wanted to remove the sign.

Photoshop Editing Power - Content Aware Tool

Photoshop editing power
To remove the sign, I just used Photoshop Content-Aware tool and the program recreated a complex background.

And the list goes on and on. There are many more tools and settings in Photoshop that photographers do need to learn, if not all, but the selected ones that improve their retouching power.

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