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Portrait Photography and Rule Of Thirds

In portrait photography, the Rule Of Thirds plays a significant role. Applying or breaking the Rule of Thirds is the borderline of professional portraiture or just a headshot! 

The rule of Thirds makes the distinction.

When composing for a portrait picture, do not put the model’s head in the frame’s centre. Instead, put the model’s eyes on one of the hot-spots of the rule of thirds. By doing so, you will notice a massive improvement in portrait pictures. 

The below picture shows a novice approach for a portrait picture. When the model’s head is placed in the center of the frame, you will have a large negative space at the top, NOT very pleasing.

Portrait Photography Skill

Portrait Photography
Placing the model in centre creates a large negative space at the top of the frame

In the picture below, the model’s eyes are in the Rule of Thirds hotspot. By using the rule of thirds, photographers avoid unnecessary negative space and create pleasing portraitures.

Portrait Photography Skill

Portrait Photography
Applying the Rule of Thirds in portrait photography is simple, yet creates significant changes.

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