Christmas Party Photography Tips

Christmas Party Photography Tips

How to take great indoor pictures

You have a good camera and everyone says you take great photos, but you are not always 100% satisfied with your indoor images.

Does this sound familiar?

When it comes to taking photos indoors, especially at parties and family gatherings, there are several skills which can help you capture those great shots. With this is mind we developed the Christmas Photography Workshop – and with the holidays just around the corner, it’s a class that comes at just the right time!

Here are some basic tips for capturing better images at parties and gatherings:

1-Know your camera!

Learn about the settings, menus, etc. of your camera and how to use them.

2-Know the limitations of your camera and lenses

Find out about these limitations. For instance: What is the maximum ISO? Can you use external flash? Can you use external flash off-camera?

3-Scout and find the best location for taking pictures

Look everywhere to find settings with the least distractive elements, avoiding reflective surfaces such as windows and mirrors.

4-Find objects which enhance your photos

A chair, a doll, a fireplace, curtains, door frames, staircases, even large pieces of art work can add interesting elements to your backdrop. There are an unlimited number of things which you can use. Find them.


Look at pictures in magazines or online for inspiration about posing and lighting.

6-Break the ice by interacting with your subject

Learn their names, talk to them before taking photos and while taking pictures ask them questions. Keeping your subjects involved results in more natural images.

7-Pose your subject first, then step behind your camera

I usually put my camera aside and talk with my subject and pose them first, before I begin taking photos. This allows me to interact with them and guarantees I have their attention once I am behind the camera.

8-Find elements which tell the story of the party

Each party has a story to tell. Find the iconic items and use them to tell the story of the party.


Our Christmas Photography workshop covers all these topics in detail and you’ll have time to practice them in real life scenarios with your instructor. We keep the class size small to make sure you are able to learn your camera settings and limitations as well as give you enough time for hands-on application of the rules.


Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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