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Dusty Sensor, A Common Issue in Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are prone to getting dust on their sensors, even with careful handling. Dusty sensors often result in dark spots in photos, particularly in plain or sky areas. These spots are not evidence of UFO sightings but rather dust particles that have accumulated on the camera’s sensor. Dust accumulation is a common issue that affects almost all digital cameras. 

In this article series, I will discuss how to prevent dust from getting on the sensor, how to clean the sensor, and how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to remove dust from photos.

Dusty sensor

Dusty Sensor

Dusty sensor is a common problem with many digital cameras.

How to Avoid Dusty Sensor

Dust particles are omnipresent and so tiny that they are barely visible to the naked eye. When you change lenses or zoom in and out with your lens, the dust gets into your camera and sits on the sensor. The digital camera sensor has a strong static charge, which acts like a magnetic field that attracts dust particles. Once the dust particles settle on the sensor, they remain there until you take steps to remove them.

All digital cameras are susceptible to dust accumulation, but DSLR and mirrorless cameras are more prone to it. When you switch lenses or zoom in and out with zoom lenses, the air gets sucked into the camera and brings dust particles along with it. Fortunately, you can take many simple steps to minimize the chances of getting dust on the sensor. Stay tuned for upcoming articles, where I will discuss how to reduce the likelihood of getting dust on the sensor, how to clean the sensor, and how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to remove dust from photos. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Dusty Sensor Cleaning Tip

Blow the air several times to remove dusts from the sensor.

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