Tips for Photographers

Here are some useful topics from our earlier Newsletters.  I thought it may help you with some more info. Feel free to conatct me if you have any suggestions.

Ted and Omnilargess Team

Check for the dust on your camera’s sensor

It is a great idea to regularly check for the dust on your camera’s sensor and clean it to save lots of time in post-processing. Do you want to know more? Check our October 07 newsletter.

Do you need to add a unique border to your images?

Do you want to know how to create an action in Photoshop for a simple border? You can find the easy steps to do this in our November 07 Newsletter.

Is your display reliable?

Exactly two years ago we discussed this topic in our January 08 Newsletter.

Do you want to check color, brightness, and contrast of your picture before print or send them to your client?

You must make sure that you provide the best edited photos to your customer. So let me show you how to use the powerful proofing function in Photoshop. Do you want to know more? Check ourFebruary 08 Newsletter.

Zone System:  this 3 part tutorial was covered in June, July and August 2009. Understanding the Zone System is invaluable for precise, accurate exposures. Applying the Zone system helps us capture much more detail in our subject.  If you haven’t already incorporated this method, we encourage you to give it a try.  We know you’ll love the difference!

Ted & Omnilargess Team

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