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Improve your Travel Photography by these simple rules

Summer has arrived (finally!) and as usual it is always accompanied by travelling! One of the most mentioned requests in summer time is about Travel Photography tips. So in this article I decided to cover few of the easiest yet important tips.

Eternizing that special moment by taking a picture has been the main reason for inventing cameras and this will never stop. It may change and look different as we progress in the modern age but it will never stop.

Seal the memories

The interest for capturing moments can somehow become insatiable when we are on a trip, the more fun, exotic, adventurous and memorable the trip, the more eagerness and effort to seal it!

The following covers some easy yet valuable and practical tips you can use to reach your goal.

Travel Photography Tips for everyone

Telling a story

One of the most central tips in travel photography is story telling. Your picture should tell the story by itself. It should show related scenes and elements to your audiences. You can use iconic landmarks, themes, clothing, people and other elements to achieve this goal. These kinds of photos are particularly useful if you are creating an album or slide show.

Tell the story about your trip

Travel photography tips
Using a Landmark is a good start for your slid show or albums

Applying Composition Rules

Composition rules are very beneficial for story telling. By applying these rules you can enhance your travel story. There are two major composition rules that I present as travel photography tips:


Most of the time minimalism improves the story. Look at these photos. Just by looking at them you can guess the story:

Simple elements, big story

travel photography tips
Just by seeing the sandals and the sand you realize that this picture is about a beach trip

Use iconic clothing or elements to tell the story

travel photography tips
Add iconic elements to enhance your trips story

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds is another interesting composition rule. By placing the main subject in one of the hot spots, you make the story more dynamic.

Rule of Thirds, Simple yet powerful

travel photography
Rule of Thirds makes your picture more dynamic and inviting.

Wake up early and stay outside late

Photographers always talk about the Golden Light. Avoid high sun and try to take pictures early morning or late afternoon. As the light is directional and this creates more dynamic shapes and shadows. If you need a rest, take a mid day nap and store your energy for Golden Hours!

Golden Light

travel photography
Use Sunrise or Sunset and slow shutter speed to create outstanding photos
After Sunset you can find awesome subject to photograph.
After Sunset you can find awesome subject to photograph.

Look out of the box

Do not try to copy post card images. Be yourself and tell your own unique story. Walk around the area and find a spot that calls you. Look at this simple photo:

Follow your vision, don't copy

A lonely chair by a stained wall.
A lonely chair by a stained wall.

Educate yourself about your equipment

It is very important to understand and learn about your photography gear before your next trip. Each camera and lens is different. Just find out about your gear limitation and learn how to overcome that.

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That is all for now. I hope these simple yet effective Travel Photography Tips help you. As always let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future topics. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for upcoming tutorials and tips.

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