Removing Dust and Scratch in Photoshop

Removing Dust and Scratch from old photos

using Photoshop tools

Photo Tip Friday July 27, 2014


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Occasionally as photographers you may be asked to retouch some old prints from negative or slides. No matter how good the old photo may be there are always some creases and dust particles to remove. So here we are:

What is the fastest way to retouch an old print for removing dust and scratch?

There are so many different tools for this job. You can use the Healing brush or Clone stamp, but the process is very time consuming.

Here I am going to show you how to use one of the powerful tools of Photoshop:

the Dust and Scratches Filter!

1- Open the scanned image in Photoshop

Removing Dust and Scratch in Photoshop
Removing Dust and Scratch in Photoshop

2- Make a selection around the area containing the dust or scratches by using any selection tool. I prefer the Lasso tool.

3- Then go to FILTER > NOISE > Dust and Scratches and select it.

4- There are two sliders for adjusting the Radius and Threshold.


5- Start with the Radius slider and increase the Radius till the dust and scratches disappear. This makes your selection blurry

6- Now start moving the Threshold slider to bring back the original texture of the selected area. You may have to readjust the slider to get the best result.

Once you’re happy with your adjustments click OK.

7- Now here comes the fun part of it! Select another dusty part of image by using your preferred selection tool. By using the keyboard shortcut Cmd+F (in Mac) or Ctrl+F (in Windows) apply the adjustments to the new selected area! It’s that easy. If you find that you have moved to an area where the last filter setting just isn’t getting it done, hold down Cmd+Option+F or Ctrl+Alt+F to quickly get back to the dialog box and change the adjustment.

Happy editing with the Dust and Scratches Filter!

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All of us at Omnilargess Services wish you a HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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