Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 Part 2

Tutorial on Nik Software Color Efex pro 3 Part II

We had a busy month at Omnilargess with regular work and also some new themes for the near future! I am pleased to announce that Tamara from Beyond Exposure and I are going to have series of Photo Editing workshops in Abbotsford BC. Tamara has been involved in all aspects of photography for more than 13 years. She has worked in and managed photo retail outlets, selling cameras and equipment and printing in a lab. In addition to that, she has started and supervised a studio while running her own photo business. Currently, she teaches digital photography at the University of the Fraser Valley in Continuing Education. So we are quite busy preparing everything to be ready as soon as possible. The editing workshops target different skills and styles of retouching. Whether you are editing wedding photos, landscape, portrait, family, etc. there will be a workshop for you! We plan to have the workshops on weekends, so if you want to join from other parts of the world, you can travel to our humble city of Abbotsford and enjoy not only the workshops, but also the amazing landscape here.

For the first step, Tamara suggested we should have a Facebook page , so she has started to set that up and is still working on it to make improvements. Please take a moment to look at our page and let us know if you like it. We would love to hear your suggestions!

The next step was designing a whole new website, which is still under construction and not ready yet. You can have peek at our new Tutorial page and leave us a comment. The web site is going to showcase our regular image editing services and also cover  image restoration, image retouching, masking, and much more. The main add-on will be our “Workshops and Seminar” page where you can find information about all of our seminars. I found out that there are a lot of demands for Video editing services, and we are hoping to add this next to our line of professional services. So stay tuned for these exciting upgrades.


Now let’s get to this month’s tutorials.


Tutorial on Nik Software Color Efex pro 3 Part II


Last month I showed some of the filters from Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 and recommended you try them. I received emails from our readers saying how much you liked it. For those of you who have not tried it yet, I encourage you to go ahead and give it a try. I am sure you will love it.


This month I promised to show you some more filters, so here we go:


The first filter is Bi-Color



You can Define and Adjust this filter to your liking







It is a very cool effect and useful whenever you want to add more punch to your photos.


Bleach Bypass has a different look.




It has four slider to adjust the filter the way you like it and then you can save this preset for your future use. How cool is that?


Classical Soft Focus does exactly what it’s name suggests:




The Color Stylizer has a very interesting effect. You can select the color and apply it to the photo.



We all know about Cross processing. This filter has several C41 to E6 effects and visa versa.




Darken/Lighten Center is one of my favorite filters. You can set the center to make it lighter/darker which gives you a totally different photo!



And here I moved the center to place the light and dark areas where I want them:




Film Effect is another interesting filter. It even simulates the film grain and texture!




Flux has a funny name and funny effect. I found it works best when you use it selectively.




Color Efex Pro 3 has three different Graduated filters and all of them are very useful. Here are some samples:

Graduated Fog


Graduated Color Define





Graduated ND




Indian Summer has a surreal effect if you over-do it! So be careful!




Next up is Monday Morning, one of Nik’s filters which has been popular for many years.  Certain images really suit this effect – I like the mysterious look of this filter.




Polarization does exactly what it is supposed to do, with sliders to adjust the direction and density. I really enjoy working with this filter.



Solarization is the opposite effect; a filter to use when you want funky, creative results.




And the last one that I am going to cover is Tonal Contrast. You can use this filter to create a different look with almost any kind of photo.




That is all for this month. We love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a note if you want us to cover any other filters from Color Efex Pro.


Next month I am going to discuss more tips and tutorials on another plugin from Nik Software.


Happy Raw shooting,


Ted and Omnilargess Team


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