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Quick Camera Tip: CAMERA SHAKE

Tips for Avoiding Camera Shake


Camera shake is one of the leading causes of blurry pictures. And there are simple ways to avoid camera shake. In this post, I look into a few of them.

Avoid Camera Shake

When the shutter speed is not fast enough, try to stabilize the camera for sharp picture. Here is a sample of Camera shake.
When the shutter speed is not fast enough, try to stabilize the camera for sharp picture. Here is a sample of Camera shake.

1- Press the Shutter Button Gently to Avoid Camera Shake

Last week, I showed you how to hold the camera properly. It helps keep the camera steady while shooting. However, I have noticed that many photographers press the shutter button hard, and it causes the camera to shake. 

Practice pushing the shutter gently as it does not need lots of force to trigger the shutter. 

Avoid Camera Shake

Camera Shake
Press the shutter release button gently to avoid the camera shake!

2- Find Your Minimum Safe Shutter Speed

I used to be very good at holding the camera steady for up to 1/2sec. Nowadays, Anything slower than 1/30 sec turns blurry! So, I found out that my minimum safe shutter speed is 1/30sec, and I always try to stay faster than 1/30 sec to avoid the camera shake when handholding the camera.

Take photos at different shutter speeds to find your minimum safe shutter speed.

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