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A Tip on Fast Shutter Photography 

Shooting at a fast shutter speed is essential for freezing the motion of a moving subject. But how fast should you go? Here is a quick tip on selecting the correct shutter speed by @BrettMichaud, our new instructor. 

Fast Shutter Photography Tip

Experiment different fast shutter speeds to find out the correct one, without over kill the ISO.
Experiment different fast shutter speeds to find out the correct one, without over kill the ISO.

Fast Shutter Photography Tip by Brett Michaud

Whether the beating of a bird’s wing, the movement of leaves in the wind or the ocean’s rolling waves, there is only one way to avoid a blurry image when things are moving: a suitably fast shutter speed!

And how fast that shutter speed should depend on the speed of movement and your focal length. A quick rule of thumb for waves is to take a shot at 1/250th of a second and then check the image to see if there is any blur. If there is, you should, at the very least, double the speed to 1/500th for starters.

I will be the first to admit that the settings used to capture this image are NOT ideal! Admittedly, 1/1600th of a second is extreme overkill to catch the waves without any blur. On this particular day, to shoot at this speed, I had to turn my ISO up to 1000. This rendered a final image that was filled with noise. What I should have done was drop my ISO until my shutter speed was between 1/500th and 1/1000th of a second. As a result, I would have ended up with a much cleaner image.

Full disclosure: As I rarely see waves like this where I live, I will admit to being a little “shutter release” happy and thus, did not check my settings before I started snapping shots. As a result, I ended up with an image that I like but is filled with noise. The lesson here: always check your settings before you start shooting. But hey, no one is perfect! This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

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