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Quick Camera Tweaks: Kids’ Photography Tips

Camera Tweaks for Kids’ Photography

As parents, we always want to capture the best photos of our children. However, taking pictures of a child is not an easy task! These Kids’ Photography Tips assist you in mastering kids’ photography.   

Camera Settings that Help Kids’ Photography

1- Posing children in front of the camera is next to impossible. Kids don’t have the patience. Therefore, you need to set the camera beforehand. Set the exposure, i.e. ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. Check the foreground and the background to remove unwanted items. Then bring the child to the scene. 

Kids Photography Tips: Posing

Kids Photography Tips
When posing your kids for photo, set the camera . Kids don't have patience. So, be quick!

2- I prefer to capture the child’s personality. Therefore, I am not a big fan of posing in kids’ photography.

Alternatively, I’d like to capture photos while they are themselves. Let them be playful, crazy and funny. After all, that is who they are. So, to maintain the sharpness of pictures, the following camera settings are necessary.
a) Kids move fast. I wouldn’t use a shutter speed slower than 1/120sec for kids.

Kids Photography Tips: Posing

Kids' photography Tips
A fast shutter speed allows you to capture children's activities.

b) Using the Continuous Drive Mode allows me to hold the shutter release button down and capture multiple images. So, I can pick up the best ones later.
c) As children move around, the focusing distance changes constantly. Using Continuous Focus Mode tracks the child’s movement and keeps focusing on the kid.

Kids Photography Tips: Posing

Kids Photography Tips
Use Continuous focus to keep the subject in focus.

Ice-breaking During Kids’ Photography Sessions

Children get bored so quickly. Therefore, have their favourite toys and snacks handy. For sure, you need to bribe them!

As soon as you noticed that the kid is bored, stop taking photos, and start a new thing, such as playing or even making funny faces. This approach changes the situation, and you never know, you might be able to take some fantastic photos from the game or the funny faces!

Kids Photography Tips: Posing

Kids Photography Tips
Change the mood of the session to keep kids active, not bored!

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