Image Editing Classes for Fraser Valley

  • Photoshop Bootcamp
    The key to better image editing begins with understanding how layers work and then applying that understanding to each step in your process and to all the tools that you use in Photoshop. To get the complete, power editing package, attend each of these individual workshops or register for Photoshop Bootcamp. They will speed up your editing process as well as add efficiency and quicker workflow techniques to your arsenal. Whatever your skill level, these classes will give you all the tools you need to add punch and a professional quality to your images.
  • Lightroom workshops
    Whether you just want to start using Lightroom or learn some special techniques, we cover them all. For more information please click the name of the workshop in left panel.
  • Aperture classes
    We have several different classes for Aperture users. Our Aperture Bootcamp has been ver successful. For more information click the workshop name in left panel.

A simple Shadow and Mid tone adjustment

A simple Shadow and Mid tone adjustment in Photoshop can improve the photo