Photoshop lessons for Beginners

Intro To Layers in Photoshop

$100 Individual workshop

Instructors: Ted Samzadeh and Tamara Okoti

Prerequisites: Laptop with Adobe Photoshop Elements or CS installed and working, Fully charged battery and power cord (extension cord also recommended)

Suitable for: The absolute beginner, or anyone who does not fully understand layers.

This 4 hour workshop will be all you need to get started with basic image improvement, as well as a leg up to understanding the core capabilities of your editing program. Unlocking the mystery of working with layers is the essential step to ALL your editing pursuits. Layers are the most powerful feature in Adobe Photoshop. They allow you to isolate and fully control each step of your editing process. If you have been frustrated with attempts at using Photoshop, or if you are simply looking for a place to start non-destructive image improvement. Look no further. This class is for you! Give us a chance to open your eyes to the wealth of editing tools at your fingertips, and have some editing fun.

Topics Include:

Opening an image, Basic Photoshop layout, Working with Layers (order, position, transparency, visibility), Brightness/Contrast slider, Colour adjustment slider (CS) variations (Elements), Healing brush tool for small blemishes, Red eye fix, Actions (basic intro) (create your own in CS), Cropping and Straightening, Saving and file formats

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