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Shooting Short Models

Coming up in October, is our Model Photography Techniques class. Photographer, David Falk, will share his inside tips and knowledge based on his extensive experience photographing models. In the following post, David gives you a great tip to help you photograph shorter  models. Let’s face it – not all models are tall and slim, despite what the media tells you. Read on to find out more!

Shooting Short Models

Not all models I shoot are 5’10” or taller. In fact, rarely do I shoot tall models. They simply are hard to find unless you live in the fashion district in Milan or another fashion capital. There is a very simple way to add several inches to your model without any surgery. It’s all about camera height. Next time you leaf through a Vogue magazine, ask yourself a simple question: “What level was the camera at when the photographer took this image?” My guess is that rarely was the camera above the model’s waist. In fact, usually you will find it is more like knee level or lower.

This photo taken from ?

This photo taken from Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, GQ Germany, September 2013 issue

For example, in this image above (not mine) the photographer seems to be at about knee level. This model is likely 5’11” or so. Why do photographers do this? I think it is very simple. This style makes the model the obvious subject of the image. It makes the model more powerful and confident. When I see images that are shot with the camera above the eyes, it makes me think of a child pleading with a parent to get something. The subject isn’t nearly as strong in the image and appears more subservient.

In the image below (mine) the model is only about 5’4” but my camera is below her knees. Also the swimsuit is a style which makes her legs look longer.

Shorter models can appear taller

Shorter models can appear taller

by: David Falk

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